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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
hodgdon load data

7mm Mauser / 7x57mm Mauser

Author: Brian Pearce
Date: Apr 24 2020

Mauser originally developed the 7x57mm Mauser around 1892 for military use. It first appeared in Model 1893 and 1895 Mauser rifles, and eventually the famous Model 98, along with many other sporting rifles of domestic and foreign manufacture in a variety of action types. It has proven an exceptional sporting cartridge that is efficient, accurate and capable of taking most big game species. Its mild recoil and low muzzle blast give it an almost polite nature.

Industry maximum pressure is 46,000 cup, however, most of today’s standard pressure factory loads are well below this limit due to the many Mauser Model 93 and 95, Remington Rolling Block and other rifles that are of limited strength. In modern commercial rifles including Mauser 98, Winchester Model 70, Remington Model 700, Ruger 77 and rifles of similar strength, it is safe to load the 7x57 to 50,000 cup. The loads contained herein were developed in a Ruger Model 77R with a 22-inch barrel, with many of the maximum loads listed approaching that figure. Do not use “maximum” loads in weaker rifles; rather, use “starting load data”.

In working with many rifles in this caliber, great differences in throat length have been observed. Rifles with short throats may show signs of excess pressure before reaching maximum loads. As always, start with loads that are below maximum.