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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual


9x23mm Winchester Full-Power Loads

9x23mm Winchester Full-Power Loads
Warning! Notes: The loads identified as "full-power" were developed for modern guns chambered for the 9x23mm Winchester and should not be fired in guns chambered for any other cartridge. Reduce those powder charges by 10 percent for starting loads. Loads identified as "light target" should be safe to use in guns chambered for the 9x23mm Largo as well, but only if they are tight and in excellent condition and only if Winchester 9x23mm cases are used. Winchester cases and Winchester WSR primers were used in all full-power loads. (Handloader Issue 186)
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
124 Speer Gold Dot hollowpoint Winchester W-540 Subscribe 1,467
Remarks: energy: 592 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.88 inches
124 Hornady FMJ Hodgdon HS-7 Subscribe 1,449
Remarks: energy: 588 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 2.64 inches
124 Speer Gold Dot hollowpoint Hodgdon HS-6 Subscribe 1,448
Remarks: energy: 577 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.62 inches
125 Winchester Silvertip Winchester WAP Subscribe 1,447
Remarks: energy: 581 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 0.98 inch
125 Winchester Silvertip Winchester W-540 Subscribe 1,458
Remarks: energy: 585 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.19 inches
125 Winchester Silvertip Vihtavuori VV-3N37 Subscribe 1,452
Remarks: energy: 584 (ft-lbs); accuracy 1.10 inches
125 Winchester Silvertip Vihtavuori VV-N350 Subscribe 1,448
Remarks: energy: 581 (ft-lbs); accuracy 1.44 inches
130 Sierra FMJ Hodgdon HS-7 Subscribe 1,418
Remarks: energy: 580 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.26 inches
147 Hornady hollowpoint boat-tail Hodgdon HS-7 Subscribe 1,241
Remarks: energy: 502 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.28 inches
147 Speer TMJ Winchester W-540 Subscribe 1,232
Remarks: energy: 495 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.87 inches
150 Bull-X lead SWC Winchester WAP Subscribe 1,206
Remarks: energy: 484 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.98 inches
150 Bull-X lead SWC Winchester W-540 Subscribe 1,211
Remarks: energy: 488 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.66 inches
150 Bull-X lead SWC Vihtavuori VV-N350 Subscribe 1,203
Remarks: energy: 481 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 2.11 inches
150 Bull-X lead SWC Hodgdon HS-6 Subscribe 1,218
Remarks: energy: 494 (ft-lbs); accuracy: 1.82 inches