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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual


.577 Snider (14.7mm)

.577 Snider (14.7mm)
Warning! Notes: Historical Notes: This British cartridge was adopted in 1867. It was used in the Snider breech-loading conversion of the Enfield Musket. The converted rifle was usually referred to as the "Snider Enfield". General Comments: The dimensions of the 577 case are very similar to those of the 24-gauge shotgun shell. Brass 24-gauge shells can be used to make ammunition for 577 Snider rifles by trimming about 1/2-inch from the length. Neither the Snider rifle nor the 577 cartridge are very practical for American hunting, but these guns are a lot of fun to shoot. The big bullet has ample power for hunting, but the curved trajectory makes it a short-range proposition. (Cartridges of the World 12th Edition)
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
350 Lead GOEX - Swiss - KIK Fg Blackpowder Subscribe 1310
Remarks: energy: 1330
350 Lead IMR IMR-4198 Subscribe 1380
Remarks: energy: 1480
450 Lead GOEX - Swiss - KIK Fg Blackpowder Subscribe 1270
Remarks: energy: 1610
450 Lead IMR IMR-4198 Subscribe 1300
Remarks: energy: 1690
476 Lead IMR IMR-4198 Subscribe 1250
Remarks: energy: 1650; Lyman #575213