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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual


.45 ACP (Kimber 1911) (Handloader #321)

.45 ACP (Kimber 1911) (Handloader #321)
Warning! Gun: Kimber 1911 Custom Crimson Carry II .45 ACP with a 5-inch barrel; Case: Starline; Primer: CCI 300; Bullet diameter: .451 inch, .452 inch; Maximum COAL: .898 inch
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
200 Oregon Trail Laser Cast SWC Accurate AAC-2 Subscribe 866
Remarks: COAL: 1.240 inches; 4-shot 25-yard group: 2.10 inches
230 Hornady XTP Accurate Nitro 100NF Subscribe 874
Remarks: COAL: 1.205 inches; 4-shot 25-yard group: 1.10 inches
230 Nosler Sporting Handgun FMJ-FP Hodgdon Titegroup Subscribe 855
Remarks: COAL: 1.205 inches; 4-shot 25-yard group: 1.15 inches