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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual


.284 Winchester (Handloader issue #336)

.284 Winchester (Handloader issue #336)
Warning! A Ruger Model 77 .284 Winchester with a 22-inch barrel (1:9 twist) was used to test all loads. Lapua cases and CCI 200 primers were used throughout. Cases were necked-up 6.5-284 brass. Accuracy is the average of two, 3-shot groups. Velocities are the average of at least nine rounds chronographed at 15 feet. Source: Handloader February/March 2022 issue #336.
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
120 Barnes TTSX Vihtavuori VV-N555 Subscribe 3264
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.851; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): .77
120 Nosler Ballistic Tip Ramshot Hunter Subscribe 3341
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.898; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): 1.03
139 Hornady Spire Point IMR IMR-4350 Subscribe 3122
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.892; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): .97
140 Barnes TTSX Ramshot Hunter Subscribe 3054
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.855; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): .81
150 Swift Scirocco II Vihtavuori VV-N160 Subscribe 2984
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.876; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): .90
150 Nosler Ballistic Tip Ramshot Hunter Subscribe 2955
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.883; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): 1.20
156 Norma Oryx Hodgdon Hybrid 100V Subscribe 2816
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.889; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): .95
160 Federal Trophy Bonded Tip Vihtavuori VV-N160 Subscribe 2857
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.895; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): 1.07
175 Sierra GameKing IMR IMR-4350 Subscribe 2685
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.899; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): 1.56
175 Sierra GameKing Vihtavuori VV-N560 Subscribe 2781
Remarks: COAL (inches): 2.899; 3-Shot 100-Yard Group (inches): 1.09