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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual


.280 Remington / 7mm Express Remington (24-inch barrel/long throat)

.280 Remington  / 7mm Express Remington (24-inch barrel/long throat)
Warning! Notes: Custom Mauser, 24-inch barrel, 10-inch twist; Remington 7mm Express cases, neck-turned, flash holes deburred, Remington 9 1/2 primers. Oehler Model 33 Chronotach - velocities instrumental at 15 feet, converted to muzzle velocity. Average temperature 87 degrees. All powder charges listed were maximum and should be reduced by ten percent for beginning loads. Loads shown for the long-throated rifles must not be tried in rifles with standard-length throats. (Rifle Issue #69 - May, 1980)
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
120 Hornady Norma MRP Subscribe 3,233
Remarks: 1moa
120 Hornady Winchester W-785 Subscribe 3,270
Remarks: very accurate, 3/4 to 1 moa
120 Hornady Hodgdon H-205 Subscribe 3,289
Remarks: poor accuracy, 2 moa
120 Hornady Winchester W-760 Subscribe 3,376
Remarks: highest velocity attained any bullet weight 1/2-3/4 moa
130 Speer Hodgdon H-450 Subscribe 3,235
Remarks: fair accuracy, 1-1/2 moa
130 Speer Norma MRP Subscribe 3,215
Remarks: maximum load, 1-1/2 moa
130 Speer Winchester W-785 Subscribe 3,239
Remarks: good load, deadly on pronghorn and deer
130 Speer Hodgdon H-205 Subscribe 3,250
Remarks: pressures erratic, 1-1/2 moa
130 Speer Winchester W-760 Subscribe 3,282
Remarks: highest total velocity gain with W-760
139 Hornady Hodgdon H-450 Subscribe 3,174
Remarks: excellent mule deer, caribou load
139 Hornady Norma MRP Subscribe 3,176
Remarks: very accurate, 1-1/4 moa
139 Hornady Winchester W-785 Subscribe 3,208
Remarks: 1-1/4 moa
139 Hornady Hodgdon H-205 Subscribe 3,143
Remarks: best load with this powder, 1-1/2 moa
150 Remington Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 3,096
Remarks: poor accuracy, 1-3/4 moa
150 Remington Hodgdon H-450 Subscribe 3,023
Remarks: excellent accuracy, 3/4 to 1 moa
150 Remington Norma MRP Subscribe 2,990
Remarks: fair accuracy, maximum load
150 Remington Winchester W-785 Subscribe 2,998
Remarks: good all-around load any North American game
150 Remington Hodgdon H-205 Subscribe 2,946
Remarks: worst accuracy, 2-1/2 moa, H-205 doesn't work
160 Nosler Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 3,003
Remarks: 1-1/2 moa
160 Nosler Hodgdon H-450 Subscribe 3,037
Remarks: 1-1/4 moa, excellent 400-yard elk load
160 Nosler Norma MRP Subscribe 2,873
Remarks: 2 moa, poorest accuracy with MRP
160 Nosler Winchester W-785 Subscribe 3,034
Remarks: 1-1/2 moa, 42 fps velocity spread between shots
160 Nosler Hodgdon H-205 Subscribe 2,803
Remarks: pressures extremely erratic and unpredictable
160 Bitterroot Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 2,992
Remarks: excellent load, 1-1/4 moa
160 Bitterroot Hodgdon H-450 Subscribe 3,024
Remarks: best close to medium-range load for heavy game
160 Bitterroot Norma MRP Subscribe 2,966
Remarks: accuracy erratic but only 26 fps spread
160 Bitterroot Winchester W-785 Subscribe 2,997
Remarks: most accurate load, this bullet, 1 moa
175 Hornady Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 2,852
Remarks: second most accurate load tested, 1/2 to 1 moa
175 Hornady Hodgdon H-450 Subscribe 2,919
Remarks: excellent elk load, treading on heels of 7mm magnum
175 Hornady Norma MRP Subscribe 2,872
Remarks: accuracy fair, seems mild
175 Hornady Winchester W-785 Subscribe 2,907
Remarks: maybe a tad hot but very accurate