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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual


.240 Weatherby Magnum (Pet Loads)

.240 Weatherby Magnum (Pet Loads)
Warning! Notes: Overall loaded cartridge length standardized at 3.15 inches. .240 Weatherby rifles do not contain the free-boring feature standard with the larger Weatherby calibers. Shots fired in 24" barrel. (Handloader Issue 45)
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
75 Hornady H.P. Winchester W-780BR Subscribe 3,410
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; good varmint load
75 Hornady H.P. IMR IMR-4350 Subscribe 3,590
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; highest velocity of any load tested
75 Sierra H.P. Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 3,540
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215
80 Rem. P-L H.P. Winchester W-780BR Subscribe 3,366
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; best accuracy of any load tested
80 Rem. P-L H.P. Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 3,538
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; second most accurate load
80 Rem. P-L H.P. IMR IMR-4350 Subscribe 3,516
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; fine accuracy
85 Sierra F.B. Spz. Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 3,410
Remarks: primer: CCI 250; accurate medium-weight bullet load
85 Sierra F.B. Spz. Norma N-205 Subscribe 3,450
Remarks: primer: Win. 120; same accuracy grouping as Load No. 7
95 Nosler Partition Norma N-205 Subscribe 3,245
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; author's favorite big game load in .240 Magnum
95 Nosler Partition IMR IMR-4350 Subscribe 3,325
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; faster but not as accurate as Load No. 9
100 Nosler Partition Norma N-205 Subscribe 3,230
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; good load for big game
100 Hornady Spire Pt. Norma N-205 Subscribe 3,273
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; excellent load; very accurate
100 Hornady Spire Pt. Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 3,251
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; nearly as accurate as Load No. 12
100 Sierra F.B. Spz. Winchester W-780BR Subscribe
Remarks: primer: CCI 250; good all-around hunting load
100 Sierra F.B. Spz. IMR IMR-4350 Subscribe 3,266
Remarks: primer: Win. 120
105 Speer Spitzer Norma N-205 Subscribe 3,177
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215; excellent big game load
105 Speer Spitzer Hodgdon H-4831 Subscribe 3,110
Remarks: primer: Fed. 215