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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual


.218 Bee (moderate loads)

.218 Bee (moderate loads)
Warning! Notes: Test rifle was a Kimber Model 82 with 24-inch barrel, 1-in-14-inch twist. Winchester cases (weighing an average of 72.7 grains with spent primer, with a gross water capacity of 18.3 grains) and CCI BR-4 primers used in all loads. All powder charges were safe in the author's rifle but must be reduced at least 10 percent for starting loads in other Kimber Model 82 rifles. For starting loads in rifles from other manufacturers, all powder charges must be reduced by 20 percent. (Handloader Issue 117)
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
40 Speer Hodgdon H-322 Subscribe 2,762
Remarks: fair accuracy
40 Speer Hodgdon H-4198 Subscribe 2,643
Remarks: poor accuracy
40 Speer IMR IMR-4198 Subscribe 2,704
Remarks: poor accuracy
40 Speer Norma N-200 Subscribe 2,793
40 Speer Alliant RL-7 Subscribe 2,827
40 Speer Winchester W-680 Subscribe 2,712
Remarks: most accurate 40-grain load tested
40 Speer IMR IMR-4227 Subscribe 2,836
Remarks: 2nd most accurate with this bullet
40 Speer Hodgdon H-4227 Subscribe 2,851
Remarks: 3rd most accurate with this bullet
40 Speer Hodgdon H-110 Subscribe 2,471
40 Speer Alliant 2400 Subscribe 2,612
Remarks: 4th most accurate with this bullet
40 Sierra Winchester W-296 Subscribe 2,446
Remarks: poor accuracy
40 Sierra Norma N-123 Subscribe 2,752
Remarks: fair accuracy
45 Hornady Hodgdon H-322 Subscribe 2,747
Remarks: 1 of two most accurate tested
45 Hornady Hodgdon H-4198 Subscribe 2,611
Remarks: case full, mild
45 Hornady IMR IMR-4198 Subscribe 2,758
Remarks: more accurate than H-4198
45 Hornady Norma N-200 Subscribe 2,795
Remarks: extremely accurate load
45 Hornady Alliant RL-7 Subscribe 2,704
Remarks: 1 of two most accurate tested
45 Hornady Winchester W-680 Subscribe 2,694
Remarks: fair accuracy
45 Speer IMR IMR-4227 Subscribe 2,737
Remarks: best accuracy with this bullet
45 Speer Hodgdon H-4227 Subscribe 2,729
45 Speer Hodgdon H-110 Subscribe 2,503
45 Speer Alliant 2400 Subscribe 2,748
Remarks: 2nd best accurate with this bullet
45 Sierra Winchester W-296 Subscribe 2,668
Remarks: terrible accuracy
45 Sierra Norma N-123 Subscribe 2,611
Remarks: poor accuracy
50 Hornady SX Hodgdon H-322 Subscribe 2,550
Remarks: excellent accuracy
50 Speer Hodgdon H-322 Subscribe 2,523
Remarks: excellent accuracy, sub-MOA
52 Speer Hodgdon H-322 Subscribe 2,522
Remarks: excellent accuracy