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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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Author: Stan Trzoniec
Date: Jan 08 2021

When it comes to handloading, the smaller details are never-ending! There are cases to size, then trim, chamfer, clean primer pockets and clean the necks. Moving from one stage to another always means searching for the right tool on the bench – obviously, a time-consuming ordeal.

Now with one machine from Hornady, all these operations are contained in a handy bench machine called the Power Case Prep Center. This sturdy, motorized unit can be bolted to a bench and a multitude of tasks can be done on one case by moving from one operation to the next with a minimum of time and effort. On the front bottom of the machine are a number of “power takeoffs,” as I call them, all rotating when the unit is turned on for various accessories.

Included with the unit are a series of six brass brushes, to clean the inside necks of cartridge cases. An inner and outer chamfering tool in the form of a pilot can also easily be installed with other tools or replacements that are available from the Hornady product line. Additionally, primer pocket brushes are easily attached and a tray is supplied to catch all the debris and shavings for easy disposal.

But to me, the big item is the case trimmer that is mounted on the upper part of the Power Case Prep Center. Cases are installed upside down in the typical collet, then with a hefty lever pushing down on the case, it affords effortless trimming to within .001 inch for precise trimming of any pistol or rifle case, once the main adjustment is made. To make life easier, there is an adjustment for short (pistol) and rifle (longer) cases so the movement of the T-Handle is minimum at best. To get a handloader started, Hornady includes five shellholders for the most popular cartridges.

Finally, with the optional Flash Hole Deburr Tool and Primer Pocket Uniformer, the competitive shooter can clean and make all his cases uniform by removing unwanted burrs within the flash hole, allowing additional accuracy for tighter groups by eliminating erratic powder ignition.

Multitasking? I’m all for it!

For more information, visit and look under the “Reloading” tab.