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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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A Case for Handgunners

Author: Stan Trzoniec
Date: Jul 28 2022

A short time ago, I opined on the virtues of being neat and tidy around the bench and in the field with rifle ammunition and equipment using MTM storage products. Now it’s time for the handgunners in the crowd, with a few choice items worthy of some mention, as shown in the photograph going clockwise.

For those who just love to shoot and use high-volume reloading machines, these 200-round ammunition boxes could be on your list of things you can’t do without when loading in bulk. Made from a tough grade of polypropylene, each side has room for 100 rounds that could separate different bullets or different loads. A strong snap-latch keeps each cover secure even when dropped and these units can be stacked for storage or transport. Available in clear blue or solid green, sizes go from the P200-9 for the shorter cartridges like the 9mm, .380 ACP to the P200-45 for the popular .45ACP, 10mm or .40 Smith &Wesson.

Right above this is the 50-round side-slide pistol ammunition box that enables a shooter to slide back the top to allow five or 10 rounds to drop out for semi-automatic magazine loading. The one touch release is handy in the field; the units again are stackable and load labels are included. Made in the same cartridge sizes as the 200-round boxes, in clear blue or green.

It is always nice to see what shooters want to work with next and the MTM Cast Bullet Box is just the ticket for handloaders to store cast bullets. They are see-through for instant identification and are sold in stackable two-packs in clear green. Each box will hold cast bullets from 9mm to .45 ACP and have a snap-latch for easy storing.

Finally, we come to one of my favorites for carrying spare handgun ammunition in the field. MTM calls these handy storage units “Ammo Wallets” and they fit into one’s shirt or jacket pocket with ease. The outside has a nonslip textured surface and a snap-latch for added security. Since none of the rounds actually touch each other, the wallet is silent and to remove a round, simply push down on the bullet end and pick out the cartridge easily. Made in various sizes for handgunners with units to hold 12, 18 or even 20 rounds of selected rimfire ammunition with colors in brown or clear smoke. By the way, riflemen are not forgotten, as these Ammo Wallets are available for centerfire cartridges from the .222 Remington up to the 7 mm Remington Magnum.

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