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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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UniqueTek, Inc. Releases Loaded Round Counter

Date: Apr 07 2016

UniqueTek, Inc. Releases Loaded Round Counter

Mesa, AZ – December 3, 2015 – UniqueTek, Inc. Releases Loaded Round Counter™.

UniqueTek launched sales of the Loaded Round Counter™ that fits on Dillon Precision,

and other, reloading presses.

The main advantage of the Loaded Round Counter™ is that it provides handloaders with

an accurate count of successfully completed cartridges.

“Loaded Round Counter™ is the latest in our line of product enhancements for Dillon

Precision reloading presses.” says Ron Linder, UniqueTek CEO, “We worked long and

hard to develop this product, and are proud to add it to our product line.”

UniqueTek has also added to its library of “Tips” files that contain handy information for

reloading and shooting. There are currently sixteen “Tips” files and more planned for

release in 2016. The “Tips” files are free to download.

For Further Information see our web site at

About UniqueTek, Inc.

UniqueTek is known for bringing new, unique products to the handloading and competitive

shooting market. The Loaded Round Counter is the latest in UniqueTek’s line of reloading

press enhancements. New products are continuously being developed and released.