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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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Shaviv Press Release

Date: May 27 2016




The World’s Leader in deburring solutions brings its expertise to the Ammo Reloading Market

THE AMMO-BURR Series by SHAVIV provides case prep deburring solutions for any type of reloader.

With over 50 years of experience in top-of-the-line deburring solutions, Shaviv Leading Deburring Solutions has now designed a new line specifically for the ammo reloading market.

The Ammo-Burr Series contains three sets and a complete deburring kit for every type of shell case deburring.

Each tool and blade is specifically made to encompass a wide range of applications for virtually any type of shell case. The flash hole (inner chamfering) and outer chamfering tools are designed for all caliber sizes from .17" to .45", and all the way up to 1.02" in outer diameter chamfering.

The Ammo Burr Kit and Sets contain:

Complete Kit

The SHAVIV Complete Ammo-Burr Kit is a comprehensive set of tools for every type of shell case deburring. The Kit, which comes in a sturdy and compact plastic case, contains eight pieces and offers a complete range of inner and outer chamfering deburring methods to handle any case prep job.

The Kit contains:

• Thin-nosed HSS blades for extremely close and accurate inner deburring (min. .06")

• Inner chamfering and deburring tool for cases from 17-caliber up to 45-caliber

• Outside chamfering and deburring tool for cases up to 1.02"

• Extra sturdy aluminum handle

Starter Set

The Shaviv Starter Set contains a multi-functional HSS blade for both inner and outer deburring applications. The set contains 2 additional blades and an ergonomic handle for accuracy and safety.

Outer Set

The Outer Chamfering Shell Deburring Set is perfect for all shell casings up to 1.02". The kit contains a holder and an ergonomic handle.

Inner Set

The Inner Chamfering Shell Deburring Set is the fastest and safest flash hole deburring set and a must have for any reloader. The inner chamfer can be used for ID chamfering and deburring of cases from 17-caliber up to 45-caliber. The kit contains a holder and an ergonomic handle.


Since 1960, SHAVIV hand deburring ergonomic tools have been offering the widest range of easy-to-use solutions to customers across several sectors (hand tools, DIY, abrasives, and metal cutting tools). SHAVIV tools are renowned for providing "the finishing touch" in several applications, such as on hole edges, straight edges, flat surfaces, keyways and corners. Many products are aimed precisely according to application, profession and materials.

SHAVIV is a division of VARGUS which has been at the forefront of the tooling industry for over 50 years. VARGUS Ltd. is a member of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, comprising 29 companies operating in more than 30 countries.

For more inquiries please contact us:

(630) 296-0902