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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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New from Patmarlins

Date: Jul 06 2016

Patmarlins™ Precision Manufacturer for:

ROCKDock™ Reloading

Checkmaker™ Gas Check Forming Tool and Die sets

POCKETLuberBP™ Handy Bullet Luber

Patmarlins™... ROCKDock™ Reloading Bench Docking Mount System, allows you to

choose and use any reloading press instantly without taking up your

valuable reloading bench space. Install one or more ROCKDock™ docking mounts where

you love to work most.

ROCKDock™ base plates come predrilled for each one of your presses. Grab the press

you need- slide in and go! Store all of your presses on a shelf with SHELFDocks™.

Free up bench space with a ROCK solid mount guaranteed! Whether you resize, swage,

or for all around reloading needs. The ROCKDock™ is The lightest, strongest mounting

system made and proven by 1000's of reloaders and cast shooters since 2008.

Checkmaker™ Gas Check Forming Tool and Die sets will make your own quality gas

checks with a reloading press so you NEVER buy Gas Checks again!

The POCKETLuberBP™ is a handy cast bullet luber and holder for for muzzleloaders use

at home or in the field.

About Patmarlins™

Patmarlins™ was founded in 2008 and the genesis of what American ingenuity can

accomplish in today's shooting world. A manufacturing and product development shop,

Patmarlins™ designs are truly original and unique with more new exciting products to

come on the horizon providing high quality precision, imagination, and old American

values in service and workmanship for their customers.

For more information about Patmarlins™, please visit:



Owner and CEO