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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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New Open Country Long Range and Open Country Long Range Lightweight Rifles

Author: Cooper Firearms of Montana
Date: Aug 02 2018

Cooper Firearms of Montana has listened to our customer’s calls and is excited to answer those calls with the new Open Country Long Range and Open Country Long Range Lightweight; a long range rifle with a detachable magazine, oversized bolt handle, and ergonomic feel unmatched by any other.

The Open Country features our own Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. ergonomically designed stock. This stock has a semi-vertical grip and raised cheek comb making this rifle very easy to shoot. The spiral fluted muzzle brake reduces felt recoil up to 40% and 26" stainless steel fluted match barrel has been designed to be repeatable shot after shot.  Our oversized grenade style bolt is easy to find when needing to chamber another round quickly. The rifle weighs approximately 9lbs and is chambered in most long action cartridges. 

In addition to the Open Country Long Range, the worlds of long range and lightweight are now coming together with our Lightweight option. The Open Country Long Range Lightweight features the same ergonomic feel as the Open Country but is manufactured using our own lightweight stock recipe and reinforcing it with carbon fiber and Kevlar. The bolt body uses our Backcountry style design with aggressive fluting to reduce as much weight as possible. We've gone ahead and replaced our steel barrel with a 26" Proof Research Sendaro Light barrel with takes one pound from the rifle. Everything about this rifle has been designed to reduce weight without giving up any performance.  Rifle weighs approximately 7lbs and chambered in most long action cartridges.