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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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New Lyman Products

Author: Lyman
Date: Jun 05 2019


The Ultimate Case Prep Experience. 

The Case Prep Xpress and Case Trim Xpress offer rifle reloaders the ultimate case prep experience when prepping and trimming cases. 

The Case Prep Xpress allows users to simultaneously do 5 different case prep operations:

  • Primer Pocket Uniformer 
  • Outside Deburr Tool
  • Primer Pocket Cleaner 
  • VLD Inside Deburr 
  • Primer Pocket Reamer

Brass Smith Case Trim Xpress gives rifle reloaders the speed and accuracy they need when trimming cases: 

  • Fast and accurate trims- approximately 15 cases per minute 
  • Variable speed motor and ultra-sharp, long-lasting carbide cutter
  • Utilizes case shoulders to center and trim
  • Smooth spring-loaded operation gives clean, chatter-free trims
  • No pilots needed