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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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Black Hills Ammunition Announces New Product

Author: Black Hills Ammunition
Date: May 10 2017


Black Hills Gold 2017 Lineup features Hornady’s New ELD-M®

(Extreme Low Drag-Match) and ELD-X® (Extreme Low Drag - eXpanding) Bullets

At Black Hills we’re never satisfied. We’re always striving to improve and on the lookout for new technology. We don’t make our own bullets, or cases, or powder, or primers. Instead, we choose the best components available from industry friends and carefully craft them into Black Hills Ammunition. When Hornady discovered ways to make already excellent bullets better, we wanted to utilize that new technology. Using new ELD-M® (Extreme Low Drag-Match) and ELD-X® (Extreme Low Drag - eXpanding) bullets we upgraded our Gold rifle lineup with the highest BC bullets available. The result is flatter and more effective shooting, longer range, and the loving care you’ve come to expect from Black Hills. From .260 Remington to .338 Lapua, you now have myriad new choices with increased performance.