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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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Author: Brian Pearce / Wolfe Publishing Co.
Date: Mar 06 2014

The 9.3x74R (rimmed) was an improved version of the now obsolete 9.3x72R and offers greater case capacity and velocity. The case is slightly bottlenecked, which prevents it from being used in rifles chambered for the older cartridge. It was first offered in Germany shortly after 1900 and featured a long, sloping case with a generous rim that made it ideal for single shots, double rifles and combination guns. It is popular throughout Europe with several overseas companies offering rifles, while Ruger has offered its No. 1 to U.S. shooters.

Factory loads are currently available in the U.S. from Hornady, Federal Cartridge, Nosler Custom and Norma, with standard velocities pushing a 286-grain bullet to around 2,360 fps, while Nosler Custom offers a 250-grain AccuBond at 2,550 fps. The cartridge offers enough power for any game in North America and is a proven performer on African plains game.

Due to its rather long powder column, a large rifle magnum primer is generally recommended to obtain reliable ignition and consistent velocities. Ball powder "starting" loads should not be reduced.

Although cartridges intended for single-shot rifles will not require a crimp, a heavy crimp is still suggested to help in obtaining proper powder ignition and consistent velocities. When handloading for double rifles and combination guns, this crimp serves to keep bullets in place when subjected to recoil.

The current U.S. industry pressure specification for this cartridge is sketchy; however, most manufacturers are holding maximum at 49,300 CUP, with ammunition usually running 5 percent to 7 percent below that figure. Most of the accompanying loads generate considerably less pressure than comparable factory loads. An outstanding load that is not included in the data consists of the 286-grain Hornady SP-RP bullet pushed with 57.0 grains of Norma 203B powder for 2,364 fps, and is more or less a factory duplication load in terms of pressure and velocity. For a safe maximum load, this charge can be increased to 59.0 grains.