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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
hodgdon load data

7mm-08 Remington

Author: Brian Pearce
Date: Apr 24 2020

Not long after the .308 Winchester appeared in 1952, experimenters began necking it to accept 7mm/.284-inch bullets, and as is often the situation with wildcat cartridges, there were a number of dimensional variants. In 1980 however, Remington commercialized the 7mm-08 Remington with rifles and ammunition, which has become very popular with hunters. It offers mild recoil, but is also known for producing outstanding accuracy, and it utilizes efficient powder charges to achieve its performance.

Factory load ballistics generally advertise a 120-grain bullet at 3,000 fps, or a 140-grain at 2,860 fps, each from 24-inch barrels. A Marlin Model X7 test rifle was fitted with a 22-inch barrel, which yielded 2,640 fps with the Remington 140-grain Ballistic Tip (which is a good comparator with handload performance in the accompanying data).

If .308 Winchester cases are necked down to form 7mm-08 Remington cases, some brands may result in excessively thick necks, which can increase pressures unless turned down accordingly.

As with many cartridges with a medium powder capacity, maximum listed loads should be approached with caution as small changes in powder charge can change pressures significantly.

There were many powders that performed well including Alliant Reloder 15, Reloder 17, Power Pro 2000 MR, Hodgdon Varget, H-414, Winchester 760, IMR-8208 XBR, IMR-4064, IMR-4007SSC, IMR4350 and similar propellants.

The 7mm-08 performed well with a variety of bullet weights ranging from 120 to 175 grains.