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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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.35 Remington

Author: Brian Pearce
Date: Apr 16 2020

The .35 Remington was introduced in 1906 in the Remington Model 8 auto-loading rifle but has been chambered in several lever-, pump- and even bolt-action rifles, as well as single shots. It has earned an excellent reputation as a deer cartridge with moderate recoil. The most popular factory loads push a 200-grain bullet at 2,080 fps, with our test rifle reaching 2,105 fps with Remington ammunition.

For reliable feeding, cases should be full-length sized and some rifles may require a small base sizer die to reliably chamber reloaded cartridges. (Note: Small base dies are not a standard item with most die manufacturers, but can be special ordered as needed.)

It has become common to use .357-inch jacketed revolver bullets in the .35 Remington, such as the Hornady 158-grain HP-XTP. My Remington Model 141 Gamemaster rifle was only moderately accurate with this bullet; however, when switching to the 200-grain Hornady .358-inch RN, accuracy increased substantially.

When .35 Remington handloads are used in a rifle with a tubular magazine (as most are) a heavy crimp is suggested.

The accuracy and velocity reached with Ramshot X-Terminator, Hodgdon H-4895, Leverevolution, Accurate AAC-2520 and Winchester 748 powders was very good.