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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
hodgdon load data

.30-06 M1 Garand

Author: Brian Pearce / Wolfe Publishing Co.
Date: Dec 10 2013


The accompanying .30-06 Springfield loads were developed specifically for the U.S. M1 Garand service rifle. Due to the rifle’s gas system, powders with incorrect burn rate, or excessive pressures (which may be suitable and safe in bolt-action rifles), can damage the operating rod. (Note: Loads that are "outside" of this pressure/velocity window can be used in the Garand if it is fitted with an after-market adjustable gas plug.)

Although many match shooters use a standard full-length sizing die, best results are generally obtained with a small-base sizer die, which allows cases to chamber with the least resistance.

This data was developed and pressure tested using a Winchester Large Rifle primer; however, the CCI 34 mil-spec primer can be substituted without changing pressures to any important degree. It features a thicker cup which will help prevent dangerous slam-fires associated with this rifle design. Regardless of primer choice, be certain to seat them .003 to .005 inch below flush, with the anvil firmly in contact with the bottom of the primer pocket. Cases with a loose fitting primer pocket should be discarded.