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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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.256 Winchester Magnum Rifle Data using Sierra bullets

Author: Brian Pearce
Date: Sep 19 2022

The .256 Winchester Magnum was introduced in 1960 and was based on the .357 Magnum case necked to accept .257-inch bullets. Advertised velocities listed a 60-grain Open Point expanding bullet at 2,760 fps from a rifle, or 2,350 fps from a pistol with an 8½ barrel.

Although Colt printed a flyer in 1961 that indicated the Single Action Army, Buntline Special, Python and Two-Fifty-Six (a variation of the “COLT .357” that later became the Trooper) would all be available in .256 Winchester Magnum, however those guns never went into production. The first production gun was probably the unique single-shot Ruger Hawkeye pistol first offered in 1962. Marlin followed suit with its Model 62 Levermatic rifle in 1963, and Thompson/Center Arms and Universal Arms have offered limited variations. Today, Match Grade Machine (MGM) and Bullberry offer custom .256 barrels for Thompson/Center guns, and several custom revolver builders offer this conversion (using mostly Ruger Blackhawks), providing a fun revolver and cartridge combination for varmint shooting.

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