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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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What Can (And Can’t) Do For You

Author: John Barsness / Wolfe Publishing Co.
Date: Feb 24 2006

Evidently, some subscribers to are under the impression that we have a ballistics lab with pressure barrels for every cartridge imaginable, hundreds of powders and thousands of bullets, so are able to whip up any sort of obscure data in a day or two. I wish it were so. That would be a pretty awesome toy. Unfortunately, nobody this side of Bill Gates can afford such a setup, and even Bill would up the subscription price a little.

Instead, what we offer is as complete a listing of published loading data as possible. Some of it comes from Handloader magazine, but the rest comes from any reliable source possible, which mostly means data worked up by powder and bullet people. In order to duplicate this amount of data, you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars on manuals – and then purchase the updated versions every few years.

Unfortunately, even this massive amount of loading data (now over 315,000 loads) has its limits. For instance, you will not find any data for the .300 Winged Pegasus Improved, or any other wildcat so obscure that nobody with a pressure lab has worked up any loads.

You will also not find data for more recent powders in some older cartridges. As an example, a subscriber e-mailed in the other day, saying that we needed to update our data for the .219 Zipper, especially with Hodgdon's Varget powder. Well, this just ain't going to happen until Hodgdon's lab decides to buy a pressure barrel (about $800) and work up some Varget loads for a cartridge that isn't even loaded by any ammunition manufacturer anymore. Or some staff writer at Handloader gets a wild hair to write up the .219 Zipper because 173 people still handload for it in the continental United States.

In other words, it ain't going to happen. We're pretty much stuck with .219 Zipper data from a few decades ago.

Similarly, you won't find data for some suitable powders in the .264 Winchester Magnum. This is because the .264 is hard on barrels, and the bullet and powder companies aren't spending $800 on new .264 barrels when the phone's ringing off the hook for data on the latest short-fat-beltless magnum.

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