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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
Wolfe Publishing Group
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The Ultimate Reloading Manual
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Nosler Reloading Guide 8

Author: R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. / Wolfe Publishing Co.
Date: Jul 24 2017

The Nosler Reloading Guide 8 is well worth consideration.  Much like previous editions, the hardcover book has a sewn binding and includes 800 pages. One of the many things I like about Nosler manuals is a leading section dedicated to remembering those in the firearms industry who have passed on. It says a lot about the Nosler family. This edition is especially poignant owing to the passing of Chub Eastman, an industry stalwart for a very long time, holding the fort at Winchester, Leopold & Stevens and finally at Nosler, where he served as VP of sales and marketing until his retirement in 2005. A moving tribute to Eastman is found immediately following a “Message from the President.”

A Cartridge Index shows little change from the previous edition while including the real reason for this effort: inclusion of data for the .26, .28 and .30 Nosler cartridges. Also added is the .458 SOCOM. The only cartridge omitted is the relatively unusual .22-250 Remington (fast twist), which previously highlighted heavy-bullet loads for the cartridge with 1:8 twist barrels.

A bit more text is followed by a Bullet Cutaways section which includes a sectional drawing of each bullet, along with a detailed description and performance characteristics. Nosler now offers 18 different bullets! Additions since the last edition include the AccuBond LR, Combined Technologies Ballistic Silvertip Varmint, Bonded Solid Base and the Ballistic Tip Muzzleloader.

A Getting Ready to Reload section, largely unchanged from previous editions, follows. It is pretty basic stuff but quite inclusive and well worth reading. I’m always amazed at what little item I pick up, or remember, from rereading such sections.

A Burn Rate Chart is next and is very well done. It is organized by powder manufacturer or distributer and includes Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Norma, Ramshot, Winchester and Vihtavuori. Powders are listed from fastest to slowest, top to bottom. Trying to relate powders from different sources by reading across the table should never be attempted. The chart identifies several powders that have been discontinued but missed several others. These include various IMR powders: SR4756, SR4759, SR7625, PB and 4007SSC. The chart does reflect the rebranding of IMR-700-X and 800-X as Hodgdon powders, leaving IMR with a rifle-only powder lineup.

Every reloading manual publisher lists its data differently, and Nosler is no exception. Each cartridge begins with a testimonial. Next is a technical page that includes a dimensioned cartridge drawing, pictures of various Nosler bullet choices for the cartridge and a paragraph or two of technical information. A separate page is devoted to each bullet weight, or group of bullet weights.  At the top of each page are loading details, including a cartridge name, bullet weight and diameter, as well as the maximum SAAMI cartridge overall length. For each bullet represented, there is the name, weight, tested overall length, ballistic coefficient and sectional density. Other information includes case brand and primer, case water capacity and barrel length, maker and rifling twist.

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